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022 - 29271873
  • Solar Powered Street Lamps

    Provides high energy savings up to 50% as compared to a high voltage mercury lamp

  • Solar Tile Light Series

    These unique light emitting elements revolutionize the nature of plazas, pathways and general open space lighting design

  • PV Panel

    Series of interconnected photovoltaic modules providing electricity by using green energy from the sun to offer you massive savings in your electricity bill

  • Solar Garden Light Series

    These garden lights add a pleasant glow to your landscape and are used to illuminate pathways, walkways and areas around your home and landscape.

  • Solar Powered High Bay Lights

    Effective industrial lighting structure used to illuminate large areas by harnessing the green energy obtained from the Sun

  • Solar Traffic Warning Light Series

    The use of combined LED & Ultra-Capacitor technologies results in these superior products aimed at saving human lives, while preserving the environment by the use of green energy obtained from the Sun

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